registration form




Application Fee - $25.00 per new student
Payable upon Registration (non-refundable)


Registration Fee - $150.00 per household
Payable upon Registration (non-refundable)


Materials Fee - $350.00 per Student
Payable upon Registration (non-refundable)




$2,500.00 per year or $250.00/month per student

Grade 1-5
$3,250.00 per year or $325.00/month per student


Grade 6-8
$3,500.00 per year or $350.00/month per student


* All fees are due upon registration and are non-refundable.

We waive Registration fee when the
full year's tuition is paid before the school opens.


* We guarantee a place on the class roster only
when all fees and first month's tuition are paid
in full on or before the school opens.



BAND (4th - 8th) $50.00/month per student

Family Discounts

Families with more than one student enrolled at our school can benefit from our multi-student family discount.
This discount will be applied when making the full year tuition payment or be divided out over the family's monthly payments.

  • First child: Tuition is the full amount
  • Second child: $75.00 (annual discount)
  • Third child: $150.00 (annual discount)
  • Fourth child & Above: $225.00 (annual discount)

Additionally the $150.00 Registration fee will be waived for every 2nd or more child




We require the following documents upon registration:


1. Copy of Birth Certificate and Passport


2. Original copy of School Entrance Health Certificate


3. Health or School accidental insurance card copy


4. Transcript of School record from former school


Additional requirements for foreign national students:


1. Original copy of US F1/F2 student visa


2. Copy of medical/accidental insurance card of parents/guardians


3. Map of residence